Consuming The Infinity

by Abnormal Inhumane

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Second Full Length Album Released December 2016 by New Standard Elite

Recorded at "Infected Studios" by George Infected (Mass Infection).

Mixed and mastered at "INURN Productions" by Adrian Cappelletti (Involuntary Convulsion).


released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Abnormal Inhumane Greece

Bass: Kostas
Drums: Jim
Vocals: Mitsos
Guitars: Stelios

Label: New Standard Elite

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Track Name: Vortex Of Unending Phenomena
Since the beginning of time
the cosmic dna reunites in harmonic movements.
A perfect structure with unlimited possibilities.
''Unpredictable phenomena''
Evolving rapidly with pure energy.
The result is extreme.
''Spacetime desynchronised''
Orphan planets placed in orbit threatening any life aimed at eradicating.
Just before the collision the masses approach each other,
clouds surrounding planets attributing space disaster.
Clouds and dust surrounding planets.
''Space disaster''
Black holes swallow suns into infinity.
Planetary debris smashed into decay.
Cosmic destruction before the last extermination.
Gigantic vortexes absorb planetary matters.
Dismembered galaxies upon the fallen stars.
From the depths until the frozen cosmic extremes.
Track Name: Extinction Of Landscapes
Constellations loosing brightness.
Genetic hybrid life forms gradually rejected.
Weathered glowing matterial layers overflowed by the fiery flares.
Dismembered landscapes exposed into the vacuum of spacetime.
Becoming pieces ....
''Fatal suppression''
''Orbital inclination''
In their shrinkage viscious lava falls as a sudden
impulse to dissolve the life that remains.
Several flares are formed between darkness and light,
total suppression in the atmosphere.
Creating patterns of gravitional waves,
molecular clouds intensifies the
Imminent gigantic astral collision.
The force of gravity will be diffused.
Flaming waves penetrate.
Planetary remnants sucked in the void.
Several flares are formed between darkness and light.
''Total suppression''
in the atmosphere.
Creating patterns of gravitional waves.
''Molecular clouds''
''Vacuum intensified''
Track Name: Sovereignty On Earth
In their own developed world
monarchy reigns for centuries.
Vanishing any other kind of existence
by observing their weak edges.
Now they want to impose
the absolute extermination.
The process must be followed
every mistake could count against them
The commands are specific
''expand and dominate''.
Divided sections of destruction.
Different worlds left to their malicious plan.
Planet earth unprepared left in fear
fragile to their rabies.
Superior forces shall be released
devouring from the depths to surface.
In the remnants of an undeveloped world
a new order is about to be born.
A quantity of chemical
liquid is ejected.
Track Name: Morphogenic Asymmetry
Through the endless circle
between birth and death.
Untold stories of devastation.
Spread through the secular middle ages
''inaccessible frozen cosmic places''.
Astral cemeteries led by insidious forces
which expands up to the frozen wilds.
Imposing chaotic force
flattening by consuming life.
Deadly species arise
to create their own kind.
Giant fossils prey upon
a hostile universe.
Astral extinction by insidious forces
which expand up to the frozen wilds
imposing chaos seducing life.
Cosmic ambushes frame the galaxy in dark clouds,
summoning the unleashed predators who
are growing impatient to hunt their prey.
Deadly species arise
to create their own kind.
Development beyond
Track Name: Orbs Of Spiritual Disintegration
No life can defy the archetypes of universe
They Constantly Monitor Without past
acting uncotrollably through the centuries
in the vastness of spacetime.
The formation of planets dominates the mentality.
External events are now synchronized.
Titanic forces without past
acting uncontrollably to the abyss
From the vastness of spacetime
energy bursts into the light.
''Every existence''.
Incidents of a mental condition in universal patterns
oppressing willed masses enslaving every life form.
Globular clusters nebulas in decay.
The superior strength existance manipulated.
The perfection and creation of self destruction
reincarnated existence.
The perfection will demolish any boresome existence.
A catastrophic conversion of an astral system.
Worldview paralyzed observing the invicible cosmic rays.
Subjugating the eternal spirituality.
Track Name: Interstellar Degradation
The attack begins with fury once more
expecting that everything shall belong to them.
A universal rage against all entities
without hesitation.
There shall be no dawn for anyone
knowing that only thus will reach the core
of the universe.
Their own world is highly developed
the strength is inexplicable.
The forces have been unleashed
for this last quest.
There shall be no dawn for anyone
They are ahead once again to control.
Knowing that only thus will conquer
the flares of the sun.
Hellish tornadoes are heading towards all directions.
Creating undefined flashes of light.
Everything begins to expand.
Everything shall turn to dust
by an inevitable celestial wrath.
Track Name: Dimensional Deformity
Mysterious celestial objects created by dark entities.
Infernal hybrid predators formed in the void.
Chaotic venomous orbs surrounded by dark elements.
Space sinks absorb inteligence from the sacred cosmic origins.
In order to vanish and recreate
the secular campaign has began.
Decades completely hidden
away from any notion of spacetime.
Transformed to the gates for the discovery
of the true face of reality.
Shock waves violate the air.
Pillars of a cosmic deformation
leaving dust and gases from debris.
''Interdependent concepts''
every cell immerse and dissolves into each other
manipulating any life form.
Track Name: Galactic Conquest
Approaching what they seek
in the depths of time.
They came to absorb the astral shining
Led by the emperor
to face the empyrian titans,
the battle has began
for the gallatic keep against celestial demons.
Two different worlds collide for the
sovereignty of the one.
The two sides shall brutally face each other.
The weaker one will be devoured.
Hellish serpents hide the skies,
releasing flames to their eyes.
Unmercyfully prevailed by the force
drawn through for accumulation.
Track Name: Empyrean Entities
Moving within beneath the void.
Coexisting beneath chaos.
Ready to release their force
surrounded by ultrasonic energy.
Ready to start the conservation
expecting to endure the great pressure.
Meaning that nothingmore will lead to elimination.
High pressure shall be able switching to another level
in order to fulfill their greatest purpose.
Ready to start the conservation
expecting to endure the great pressure.
Meaning that nothingmore will lead to elimination.
As time goes on
they capture everything.
goes to the one that will prevail.
''An end that never came''
Track Name: Transcendental Elements
On the edge of annihilation
forces lurk before their impact
enigmatic interactions between different dimensions.
The cosmos prepares to collide
galactic hordes marching through the sky
only the superior will survive.
Lethal radiation interlaced
fragments of explosions spreads in space.
The colonial center prepares to end.
Galactic storms causing stellar abundance.
Nebulas and matter absorb each other.
''Extreme phenomena''
Celestial rampage.
Interlaced violent explosions
devour any form of matter.
The conquerors finally absorb,
limited by the energy.
Their strength doomed to enslavement.
Prisoners of subsequent centuries
came to a gravitational cause of death.